What’s up and welcome to Breezy Talks! It has been long overdue for me to start this website and I’m so excited to FINALLY share it with you!



In 2010, I started my freshman year at Columbia College Chicago where I was a journalism major, more specifically in the field of sports writing. Sports and entertainment were everything to me- and when Twitter came around, boy was I obsessed!

I grew tired with my first blog and sadly, my love for writing and photography didn’t exist anymore. Mentally, I didn’t feel creative enough to actually sit down and write a full article. To add, I just lost all my confidence in my photography to the point where I didn’t even pick up my camera for 2 whole years! Seriously. (Well, it felt that long. It may have been shorter).

When I attended Kent State University, I was no longer a journalism major and also no longer interested in the idea of “traditional” writing. I wanted to be able to do my own thing and just be comfortable in writing about subjects that were interesting to me. This led me to create Breezy Talks.

So, what is Breezy Talks?

I would say this is a fusion of entertainment and lifestyle blogging. I wanted to do something a little different this time around and not only talk about music and sporting news but also incorporate my personal reviews on restaurants, tv shows, and movies. Because yes, I am a foodie and I love watching television as well lol.

Now, I’m not The Shade Room or any other tea blog that gossips about celebrities. Sadly, I won’t have any “tea” to offer to this site so, don’t expect a lot of gossip from me. You will deal! Lol!

What else can I say? This has been a long time coming for me! I have been putting this project on and off for almost two years and I can now say I’m excited and ready! Take a look around, check out my photography and enjoy!