Happy Birthday to Me! + My Favorite Sounds of the Summer


Even though I’m not exactly where I want to be in my life (change is definitely coming), and with everything that is currently going on in this world, I am so thankful to God for allowing me to see 24!

Maybe I should start using Prince’s logic on birthdays: 😆 😆

💔RIP #prince

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Anyways! Even though I really don’t celebrate my birthday, that won’t stop me from having an imaginary party with some of my favorite songs! So, I’ve created a mid-year playlist of tracks that I’ve been listening to so far this summer. My Spotify playlist consists of favorite tracks that came out early this year and current.

*Sidenote* Since Spotify currently doesn’t stream Beyonce’s Lemonade, I couldn’t add any songs to my playlist. So, YouTube will do! 

*Sidenote 2* I would add Prince songs to my playlist too buuut… yeah. That man did not want his music streamed anywhere! But I’ve been listening to Prince nonstop since his passing, so just pretend that every Prince song is on this playlist.



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