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VIDEO: D’Angelo Performs Touching Tribute to Prince on the Tonight Show

It has been an emotional past few days since we’ve lost musical genius, Prince. There have been so many Prince tributes floating around the blogosphere, but who I’ve been waiting to see a tribute from so far is D’Angelo. It’s no secret that D’Angelo’s musical and performance technique is influenced by Prince’s entertaining and ALWAYS funky performance style. So, it’s only right that he does a tribute. Hopefully, D’Angelo will be called to do more tributes in the future. *cough* BET *cough*.

On Tuesday’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, D’Angelo made an appearance and performed a special tribute to his musical hero. D’Angelo was accompanied with background vocals from Maya Rudolph andย Gretchen Lieberum (together as ‘Princess‘).

Questlove warned us! Grab some tissues and watch D’Angelo get emotional while performing “Sometimes it Snowsย in April,” below.

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