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Brandy is Zoe Ever After!

Finally I’m in my own world. My head is up to the sky And I’m flyin’, fliyin’ high! – Zoe Ever After Theme Song performed by Brandy.

Starring in her new show, ‘Zoe Ever After’ and with a new head on her shoulders, nothing is impossible! Brandy is back!

‘Zoe Ever After’ is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Zoe Moon (Brandy Norwood), a soon to be divorced and aspiring cosmetics mogul trying to balance a new single life and most importantly, motherhood. Zoe’s soon to be ex-husband, Gemini (Dorian Missick), is a famous boxer whom they both share a son with named Xavier (Jaylon Gordon).

Dorian Missick, Jaylon Gordon & Brandy Norwood. *Credit to BET Networks*

Alongside Zoe are her two amusing assistants, Peal and Valente. Pearl (Haneefah Wood), who’s Zoe’s best friend and publicist, is a fun and outgoing woman who is trying to find love on a dating app and Valenté (Tory Devon Smith) is Zoe’s carefree and entertaining assistant who is living his new and open life in New York City.

Tory Devon Smith, Brandy Norwood & Haneefah Woods *Credit to BET Networks*

In the “Pilot” episode, we are introduced to Zoe and her family and given the backstory of Zoe and Gemini’s failed marriage. As stated before, Zoe is balancing a new single life and being a mother to her young son; so what happens when Zoe comes home from a romantic date WITH her date while her son and soon-to-be ex is there?! How awkward!

The awkwardly placed studio audience laughter is not exactly needed, but ‘Zoe Ever After’ is guaranteed to give you great laughs alone. Along with emotion, people who are in or have been in failed relationships can relate to what Zoe is going through, which makes Zoe a bit more relatable and human.

Hopefully, everyone will watch with an open mind. People are so quick to write off something without giving it a chance. The pilot episode that was released last week was a bit weird regarding editing, but I’m still giving the show a chance; I’m all for character development!

Be sure to check out BET’s original sitcom, ‘Zoe Ever After’ TONIGHT at 10PM/9CT!

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